Useful Tools for PDF Files

Tweak PDF

  • Homepage : http://www.coolpdf.com/tweakpdf.html
  • Current Ver. : 1.33
  • Feature : (from homepage)
    With the freeware utility Tweak PDF, you are allowed to set the initial view preferences of a PDF document, such as whether to center window of the PDF file when opened, whether to display document title, to fit window, to hide menubar, to hide toolbar, and to hide window UI. When window UI is made hidden, a PDF file is just like a PowerPoint slide zoomed to full screen. You can even set the page mode of a PDF document, such as show PDF files in full screen mode, outlines mode, thumbnail mode, or simply without any special mode. Page Layout also comes as an option for you to tweak. PDF document properties such as title, subject, author, keywords can be modified with Tweak PDF.

    You can even tweak PDF version from 1.0 to 1.5 for compatibility concerns, and shrink PDF files by setting the compression level and choosing the compression algorithm.

Free PDF Writer

  • Homepage : http://www.pdfill.com/freewriter.html
  • Current Ver. : 6.0
  • Feature : (from homepage)
    - PDF Optimization
    - PDF Description
    - PDF Security
    - PDF View Preference
    - PDF Presentation
    - PDF Rotate and Crop
    - Output Options
    - Post Process Options

Free PDF Tools

  • Homepage : http://www.pdfill.com/pdf_tools_free.html
  • Current Ver. : 6.0
  • Feature : (from homepage)
    - Merge
    - Split and Reorder
    - Encrypt and Decrypt with Security Options
    - Rotate and Crop
    - Reformat
    - Header and Footer
    - Watermark by Stylized Text
    - Watermark by Image
    - Convert Images to PDF
    - Convert PDF into images
    - PDF Form Fields: Delete, Flatten, List
    - Convert PostScript(PS) File into PDF


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