Useful Shortcuts of Eclipse []

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Binding Command When Description
F5 Refresh In Windows
  • Refresh the selected items
Ctrl + Space Content Assist In Dialogs and Windows
  • Popup to provide contextual proposals
Ctrl + I Indent Line Editing Java Source
  • Adjust indentations of lines in selected block
Ctrl + L Go to Line Editing Text
  • Go to a specified line of text
Ctrl + G Declaration in Workspace Editing in Structured Text Editors
  • Search for declarations of the selected element in the workspace
Ctrl + / Toggle Comment Editing SQL, Editing Properties Files, Editing JavaScript Source, Editing Java Source
  • Toggle comment the selected lines
Ctrl + Shift + F Format Editing in Structured Text Editors
  • Format selection
Ctrl + Shift + G References in Workspace In Windows
  • Search for references to the selected element in the workspace
Ctrl + Shift + M Add Import Editing Java Source
  • Create import statement on selection
Ctrl + Shift + R Open Resource In Windows
  • Open an editor on a particular resource
Alt + Shift + J Add Javadoc Comment In Windows
  • Add a Javadoc comment stub to the member element
Alt + Left Backward History In Windows
  • Activate previous resource in editor history.
Alt + Right Forward History In Windows
  • Activate next resource in editor history.

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