Remarkable Eclipse Plugins []

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Plug-in Site Description
SpringSource Tool Suite http://www.springsource.com/developer/sts
  • Spring framework development tools
Hibernate Tools for Eclipse and Ant http://www.hibernate.org/subprojects/tools.html
  • Hibernate development tools
AJDT http://www.eclipse.org/ajdt/
  • AspectJ development tools
TestNG Eclipse plug-in http://testng.org/doc/eclipse.html
  • TestNG development tools
Google Plugin for Eclipse http://code.google.com/appengine/docs/java/tools/eclipse.html
  • development tools for GWT and Google App Engine
Vex http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/vex/click
  • visual editor for XML
Mylyn WikiText http://wiki.eclipse.org/Mylyn/WikiText
  • tools for parsing, editing and presenting lightweight markup
m2eclipse http://eclipse.org/m2e/
  • Maven plug-in
Subclipse http://subclipse.tigris.org/
  • Subversion client
DBViewer Plugin http://www.ne.jp/asahi/zigen/home/plugin/dbviewer/
  • General database client
jOra http://jora.luenasoft.de/
  • Oracle database client
JadClipse http://sourceforge.net/projects/jadclipse/
  • Java decompiler
LogViewer http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/logviewer/
  • File viewer
Properties Editor http://propedit.sourceforge.jp/index_en.html
  • File editor
JDepend4Eclipse http://andrei.gmxhome.de/jdepend4eclipse/
  • Code analysis
Regex Util http://myregexp.com/eclipsePlugin.html
  • testing/editing regular expressions flavor of the Sun Java standard API (java.util.regex)
Eclipse Hex Editor Plugin (EHEP) http://ehep.sourceforge.net/
  • File editor
  • allows user to view or modify any file in hex mode.
Eclipse launcher for VisualVM http://visualvm.java.net/eclipse-launcher.html
  • monitoring and profiling Eclipse projects using VisualVM
Wicked Shell http://www.wickedshell.net/
  • an Eclipse plugin providing direct access to your system's shell.
cppcheclipse https://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/cppcheclipse/
  • an Eclipse plugin which integrates cppcheck (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cppcheck/) with the CDT project


  • Oracle Database Client

This program provides not only typical components for application programmer such as schema browser, SQL editor and executor but also some components for DBA such as session viewer and parameter viewer.
This program is for only Oracle database and so provides Oracle friendly components, stored procedure editor and PL/SQL editor.

Components are :
  • Connections View
  • Database Explorer
  • Schema Browser
  • SQL Worksheet
  • SQL Script Editor
  • SQL History
  • SQL Monitor
  • DMBS Output-View
  • Stored Procedure Editor
  • PL/SQL Editor
  • Outline View
  • Sessions View
  • Parameters View

You can find more detailed features in this page. but it is in German.


As of me, the previous plugin M2Eclipse(http://m2eclipse.sonatype.org/) by Sonatype is still better than the current m2e(http://eclipse.org/m2e/) by Eclipse.

To get the last M2Eclipse by Sonatype, access the following update sites.


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