Tips for OpenOffice.org 3

Toggle off auto formatting of date string

  • Symptom :
    Date string such as 01/23, 2009-01-23, or 1.23 is converted to more natural date format automatically after typing.
  • Recipe :
    Go to [Tools > Options...] menu and select [OpenOffice.org Writer > Table] section. In the dialog, uncheck "Number recognition" option.

Bottom-line mismatch between pure English line and line containing both English and Asian letter.

....not solved

View page headings panel and styles/formatting panel

  • Check [Format > Styles and Formatting] menu
  • Check [Edit > Navigator] menu

Cascaded numbering for heading style

  • Use [Tools > Outline Numbering ...] menu
  • In Numbering tabs, you can assign number format (1, 2, 3, ..., A, B, C, ..., or i, ii, iii, ...), cascading level (1.1.1, for example) and start number for each level. Levels from 1 to 10 correspond styles from Heading 1 to Heading 10 respectively.


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